Since 1987, PMC Homes has built quality homes across the Greater Tulsa area. During construction, we use dependable building materials and implement a building process that features a number of checkpoints and inspections to ensure high standards. All so you and your family will enjoy your new home for years to come.


PMC Homes is committed to delivering quality workmanship. As a new homeowner, you’ll be assigned a community team consisting of sales, construction and customer service representatives working together to meet your needs at each stage of your purchase.


Before construction begins, you’ll receive an overview of the entire building process, so you’ll know what to expect during each phase of construction. Later, when your home is taking shape and the framing has been completed, your “onsite builder” will take you on a personal hard-hat tour–an opportunity to see your new home up-close. And before you receive your keys, you’ll go on a final walk-through and get a complete new-home orientation. Read more about each phase and quality checkpoint here.


Builder Steve Harris believes there is a “proper way to build a home.” As part of the PMC education process, we have provided an illustration (below) of a typical PMC wall section. This illustration shows what we do and how we do it for you to be comfortable in knowing that what you can’t see is as important (or more important) than what you can see.